Thursday, December 13, 2007

I am so surprised at the negativity that surrounds birth. The actual labor process and trusting the woman body. Why is our society so wrapped up in fear? What is to fear about birth? It is a completely natural process IF left alone. The more that someone other than the mom interferes the more problems that will arise. I just do not understand why everyone that surrounds a new mom in labor is so fearful. I guess I will have to "chalk" this on up to not being educated about the birth process, the risks of drugs and hospitals, and the mother's ability. Go get educated before you start being negative to a mom in labor! Or don't say anything at all but positive affirmations!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I've started with Avon now! I use to be with Avon about 4 years ago. It's a good way for me to be home with my kids and take care of my house AND earn some extra money. I like the opportunity it allows me and the flexibility it allows. You truly determine your own success.

The family is doing well. We are gearing up for the holidays. Actually we are gearing down. We don't participate in the holiday rush. No thank you. The Christmas celebration in our house isn't surrounded around Santa Claus. We acknowledge the fact that there is a Santa Claus, but we teach that Christmas is about Jesus' birth and that the gifts we receive symbolize the gifts the wise men took to Jesus. I do not let our children get caught up in today's idea of a materialistic Christmas mad house. It's not rewarding or fulfilling. It started out because we didn't have enough money to spend on Christmas gifts and we refused to load up our credit cards for the gifts. Now, it has evolved into the true meaning of Christmas as close as we can get it year after year. Next year we are going to add the Advent Calendar to our Christmas.

Baby Girl had a nasty fall yesterday. We have a brick banister that surrounds our front patio. It is about 3 feet tall. She likes to walk along the banister. She has fallen off of it a couple of times and caught herself when she landed. Well, not this time. This time when she fell, she landed on her back and hit her head on the concrete. I had a real scare! I freaked out! She is okay now and there weren't any signs of any head trauma so we didn't take her in. I was constantly watching her for ANY signs. Later that night, after I gave her some Tylenol for the headache she must have had, she started jumping on the bed. Yes, the Tylenol must have kicked in! She's fine now!

Big Brother has a Christmas singing thing with his school's Kindergarten classes next week. Yes, there will be pictures! Daddy will definitely be there to see that! We all will! I'm curious to see how well Baby Girl will sit through it. She is only 2 years old.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 07, 2007

Barbara Walters tired of celebrity interviews

December 6, 2007, 1:39 pm PST

celebs: Michael Jackson | Paris Hilton | Britney Spears | Barbara Walters


NEW YORK (Reuters) - Barbara Walters, famed for celebrity television interviews that often draw on-screen tears, says she's tired of Britney, Paris and the tabloid trend she helped create.

Walters, a pioneering journalist who became the first female U.S. network news anchor 30 years ago, has interviewed every U.S. president since Richard Nixon and other heads of state. More recently, she has been credited and criticized for soft interviews that elevated celebrity news above all else.

Now, before her annual show, "The 10 Most Fascinating People," airing on ABC on Thursday, the 78-year-old television journalist said she wants to focus on other topics.

"I am not going after the tabloid stuff, I don't do it," she said in an interview.

She said her latest special did not consider Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, abandoning the "week in, week out, competition for getting the next name, the next person out of rehab."

Instead, expect to see former President Bill Clinton, Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, two founders of the Internet network "My Space," and controversial radio host Don Imus.

After years of chasing exclusives on her old ABC newsmagazine show "20/20," Walters says she is tired of trying to compete with the tide of celebrity news.

"It seems to permeate most of the tabloids and the magazines and now you have six or seven entertainment programs," she said. "You didn't used to have that.

"It's a different climate now and 20/20 and the other magazines are focused on the big celebrities. I didn't want to keep doing that, I have been doing it for years."

Walters, whose interviews with Michael Jackson and former White House intern Monica Lewinsky drew huge audiences, makes no apologies for the "personality journalism" she forged.

"We began to do more and more celebrities and we were criticized," she said. "And now ... every program does it."

It's the ratings, stupid.

"The world has changed and you watch every program now and there are even interviews with heads of state where there is more interest in their personality and their background," she said.

Rejecting this aspect of the American culture he otherwise admires, French President Nicolas Sarkozy stormed out of a CBS "60 Minutes" interview in October when asked about his marital problems.

Walters' political interviews have included Boris Yeltsin, Margaret Thatcher and Saddam Hussein.

Now semi-retired, the former "Today" host says she still has to fight for interviews, but her reputation helps.

"I have been doing it for so many years, and I keep my word," she said.

(Editing by Doina Chiacu)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Park Day
This past Sunday we decided to spend some time at the big park that is nearby. We loaded up into the truck and went before lunch. The kids love this park the best. It has 3 separate playground equipments for different age groups. Of course, Baby Girl is on the big kid one.
Here is Ryan playing with some other kids. He's looking at the map on this toy and pointing to one of the places the other kid is suppose to check out. I have no idea what they are playing, but they had fun! There happened to be a few other kids there about his age that day.

I hope everyone is getting all their Christmas shopping done before the Christmas rush. I think we are just about done here. I have one more gift I am planning on. Any others that I get are extras that I would like to get, but not important. Christmas is only 2 1/2 weeks away. It seems further away to me. I'm waiting for my lovely husband to come home. He is going to help me wrap all the Christmas gifts to put under the tree. I haven't decided when we are going to put them under the tree yet. I don't want to do it too early so Baby Girl doesn't try to open them too early. We may wait until Christmas Eve to put them under the tree. That would be less temptation. In fact, we aren't even decorating our tree until the weekend before Christmas. We have a fake tree that is pre-lit, so it is still beautiful full of the lights.

Baby Girl is getting interested in reading books with me. She points out the things she likes. Which right now is ducks and apples. Anything red and round, to her, is an apple. She will argue with you until you finally agree that yes, it is an apple. It doesn't matter if it is a strawberry or a raspberry. No, it is an apples!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spanking- Illegal?

There is a story on the news tonight that is highlighting an issue apparently starting in Massachusetts. Here is the link to ABC news. Read the story and vote.

I remember a time when as a child I got plenty of spankings. I was not physically abused, I was being disciplined. I do not think that the state or government has any right infringing upon parent's rights to raise their children how they see fit. There is a fine line that the government is crossing here. If this law is made legal, what's next? One line crossed leads to another line. It is a domino effect.

Please go and check out the story and then leave a comment and tell me what you think! I'm interested to know!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Words of a Housewife

God, I want to do great things for you,

And speak to all the nations!

God replies:

That’s well and good,

But for now

Fix your children’s complications.

Lord, I want to straighten up the world,

Feed the hungry and fulfill someone’s wishes!

God says:

Fine, but for the present,

You need to wash the dishes.

Lord, I want to preach, proclaim your name

And bring salvation to the earth!

God says:

Good! Then teach your children

And preach my name to those you’ve given birth.

At the end of the day,

I think of all I’ve done.

But as I look it seems,

I’ve accomplished nothing for the Son!

God I had no time to witness one on one,

I couldn’t join my church group,

They said I missed out on lots of fun.

My household is the only thing

That managed to be cleaned,

My neighbor is the only one,

Besides my family I could feed.

The only ones I’ve read Your Word

Are those within my home.

God I’ve done so very little

And I feel so all alone!

God says:

I’ve seen the way you cleaned and cooked

And taught your kids My name.

Tomorrow morning at eight o’ clock,

I’ll watch you do the same.

The work you do at home,

Though no one really sees,

Is helping to raise little ones

To grow and worship me.

My ways are not your ways,

I don’t expect you yet to see,

But the precepts that you’ve taught your children,

Will help others bow the knee.

Your children will reach out to others,

Your example in their mind.

They’ll do great work for Me

And their children will respond in kind.

The hand that rules the world,

Also rocks the cradle.

Because of you, your children love Me,

All their hearts are stable.

Though your house is your domain,

Your tasks seem rather plain,

Your efforts will reach the multitudes,

Though from humble work they came.

Words of a Housewife
By Chelsea Peterson
Nov 21, 2007 - 11:11:03 AM
© Copyright 2002-2007 by LAF/
After a wonderful Thanksgiving, we decided to spend a couple of hours at the park behind our house. The kids needed a time to get away. They played really well together. Baby Girl is getting really good at climbing up into the playground equipment. She climbs up the slides too. Just like her big brother does! She even swings on the regular swings instead of the toddler swings! She is getting to be such a big girl now that I may have to start calling her my Big Girl instead of Baby Girl. Hmm. Such a heartbreaker to realize that your babies are not babies anymore. I still cannot believe that Big Brother is in school now.

Big Brother is having a wonderful time off from school. He misses school too. I think he just misses being with his friends. He is getting tall. We just went through a few clothes that I had in a box to get the couple of pairs of pants out that he could fit before school started. He is now too tall for those pants. I have to see if I have any size bigger pants for him. Otherwise I will be needing to get him more from the thrift store. I've never bought clothes from a thrift store before, but it's high time I started stretching our money even further besides in just groceries. There are a few things that I need to look for in the thrift store for myself also.

I am needing a couple more pants in maternity XL. I have gone from maternity small, and now up to XL. Wow. It's all belly too. I am only just now hitting my pre-pregnancy weight. I didn't realize how much I lost in the first 4 or 5 months from not being able to eat. I should really start adding weight on now though. With this being the time of the pregnancy that the baby doubles in weight and with the Thanksgiving meal being eaten, I should have no problem adding on the weight now! If anything, too much at once! I can't imagine how big I will be come time for the Christmas meal!

Speaking of Christmas... I am almost all done with my shopping for gifts! I need to get my Dear Hubby something and some stocking-stuffers and I'm good! For once in our married and kids' life, we will have enough money for the gifts and the food. Praise God! I'm for once ecstatic this year! I will not have to deal with the holiday traffic that is bad around here. I will be completely done with Christmas shopping by the last payday of the month around here. I may even be completely done with all shopping and have our post-pregnancy dinners in the freezer by then! Now won't that be something to celebrate! I may be getting a little too ambitious in my late months, but it is something to keep me occupied and busy while Dear Hubby isn't home.

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos playing at the park for you to enjoy! Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not posting for a little bit. Trying to get last minute pregnancy stuff lined up and ready to go. I will keep everyone updated as things progress. Kids are fine. They are little troublemakers right now. My patience level is low this past week and school is out for Thanksgiving this week. Not a good combination, but we are making it work.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby #3!!
Here is the face looking at you instead of a profile picture.

Here is the foot with the toes to the left and the heel to the right

This is of the spine. My favorite so far!
These ultrasound pictures were done in September. I'm sorry that they are late in getting posted. I didn't get them scanned to the computer until a couple of weeks ago.

Friday, November 09, 2007

My treat to myself. Which lately in my late pregnancy, is more often. I make myself a Chai Latte my style. It takes close to Starbucks but so much cheaper. Here is how I start out. I have my styrofoam cups to make me feel like I am having a nice cuppa.

I take a big spoon and get a heaping full serving of chai powder into the cup without water.

Then I get out my secret ingredients. They come out of the fridge. I use the Irish Cream flavor or the Pumpkin Spice flavor for a different holiday taste. The ultimate topper is of course the Whip Cream! It tastes so much better with it.

This is the color once I add the water to the powder mix.

This is the color after I add the creamer. I do not know how much it is. I go by color alone.

Add the whip cream and you have yourself a wonderful Starbucks subsitute. Some would say better!

Put the lid on and it will stay hotter longer!

Here is my cup and my little chocolate treat ready to get on the internet for a while and relax until Hubby gets home. He has been working so long and hard the past few months in his new command.

I will add more pictures later this evening or tomorrow. I took some belly pictures for those of you who haven't seen any lately. I am getting quite big, but not as big as my last 2 pregnancies so we are doing good so far.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I love Thursdays for this very reason. This time I got a case of yogurt, Artisan bread, chocolate chip cookie mix, 3 loaves of sandwich bread and 1 thing of plain bagals. I was needing the yogurt and couldn't get any this payday. Thank the Lord! Look at the price of the bottom picture. Free for us!


Halloween started early for us this year. My dear, dear husband has been working long hours for so long now. He also works nights so we had to go out and about earlier than most kids. Next Halloween he will not be here to take the kids out so this was an important one for him.

Here is Baby Girl as an Egyptian lady.

Here is our son as an Ice-Wolf Ninja.

Here is a picture of the washable tattoo that wasn't easily washed off! I tried washing it off this morning with lots of pain involved. Soap was not a help either. Nor was the hot water. Go figure!

This picture is our favorite and I'll explain why. When we started, we only went to the decorated houses. Baby Girl would try to reach inside her bag and eat all the candy. What you are seeing here is her realizing that people are actually putting more candy in the bag with each house we go to!

Now for the start of our holidays! It's November now!!

Today was the start of a book fair at our son's school. These are the books that we bought. Since he is starting to read now, we bought books that will help him read more confidently.

And this is Baby Girl after a tiring week and a half of no naps! She is actually caught falling to the side as she is trying so desperately not to lie down! The red light and the flash of the camera didn't even elicit her eyes to peak at me. Poor thing!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California's Wildfires

Here are a few pictures I took tonight to show you how bad our air is at the moment. You can see it really well at dusk. During the day it is just a haze. We are staying inside as much as we can and we have our air conditioner running to help with the air circulation in the house. Our dogs are also inside with us. Those of you that actually know us, we can't harm our animals either! Many of our neighbors haven't even brought their animals out of this air for whatever reason. I am just glad that today's winds were not as bad as yesterdays.

This information on this link is using data from yesterday. It has evacuated about 750,000 as of today. Here is a link to one of the many news stories being published.
California wildfires: Firestorm 2007

My family and I are safe at the moment. We are about a quarter mile from one of the evacuation centers. Without giving too much personal information about us through the internet, I can say that we will be safe through most of this huge ordeal. The Santa Anna winds are dying down and the humidity index is finally hitting double digits for us. There has been one life lost and about 21 injured. I am so thankful that it wasn't many many more considering the number of households evacuated and the number of houses lost.
Not blogging today or yesterday. We have many fires around our area so we are staying tuned in to the news stations in our area. Southern California has many fires that are destroying many homes and evacuating many people. I will blog again later this week after the fires have subsided. Have a good week to all of you! And to those who are already evacuated, stay safe and our prayers are with you!

Friday, October 19, 2007

An afternoon of fun!

Baby Girl decided she was going to help mommy sweep off the back patio yesterday evening. She sat down her "D" and got to work. ("D" being drink or sippy cup.) It was so cute of her. She thinks that she is really helping out and is really proud of that. Who am I to say that she is really just pushing around the grass?! I let her get her help as much as she wants. She helps with the dishes. She will put the dirty silverware into the bin and put the clean ones in the drawer. Now she won't put the clean ones in their little slotted spot, but she will at least put it in the right drawer! She helps with the laundry. I give her clothes to throw in the wash and she'll drop them in the washer. When we change loads, she will take the wet clothes I hand her and put them in the dryer. She's quite the Mommy's Helper!

Now, I do not know what possessed our son to come up with this idea, but it helps me out too. He is digging out the rocks out of my "garden". This is a planter box made for us to plant in. But you can tell that none of the occupants before us used it as such. Well, I plan to use it! What big plans I have for it too with little to no money! Lol. As the case is most of the time. He even got Daddy to help after dinner and a long day at his work! It's amazing what our kids can get us to do even when we are too tired to do anything on our own!

He was super excited about getting the rocks out! He wanted to keep doing it after his bath. He woke up this morning and that was the first thing he asked to do. He wanted to stay home from school and continue on his "work". That child of mine! He loves to help out in the yard. It's a shame that we are not allowed to plant in most of the yard. If it wasn't for this planter box, we wouldn't be allowed to plant anything! I had to take a picture of my husband in the yard too. He is not an Earth worker. When it comes to putting his hands in the dirt, he doesn't know what to do. And he will tell you that too. He is not shy about it. But he loves to watch me and our kids get in the dirt! We've been in this house a little more than a month now and this is about as far as we've gotten to getting out in the yard! Last weekend, we borrowed a friend's lawnmower and actually got to mow the yard. This yard is bigger than our last, so my hubby mowed it for me. It was a good thing. I probably wouldn't be able to walk for a couple of days afterwards. He was out of breath afterwards himself! The yard is bigger than it looks once you mow it.

Well, I'm off. Today is Friday. It's going to be a lazy day in the house until Big Man gets out of school. Then I may take them to the park. It all depends on how hot it gets today. We went yesterday and it was perfect. I don't expect that again today. I was looking on my weather bug thing and it calls for 80's here today. Yuck. I like it being cool like fall weather is suppose to be. I enjoy the coolness in the air. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In my quest to try and get organized in our new home, I have finally gotten our pantry the way I can use it the most efficiently. I started out using the meager cabinets in our kitchen for the food. I used the pantry in our laundry room for the pans and stoneware that we use plus all extra food that didn't fit in our small kitchen. This did not work the best for us. So rather than try to fit all of our food stuff in the kitchen, I moved it all into the pantry and took the cabinet doors off.

As you can see in the bottom picture, there is an empty space. These two bottom shelves I am going to install a wire basket with a divide in each one so I can put potatoes in one side and my onions in the other. Since onions and potatoes should not be stored in the same place, this will keep them apart from each other. If you look really close, next to the tea containers you can see a clipboard. That holds the inventory for this pantry. I have already marked it with the quantities.

God is leading me to be more resourceful with our goods and to not waste. We have wasted so much that it has wasted our money too. He is showing me where I need the work and providing the links and/or books that shows me how to do what it is I am needing to do. He is amazing that way! Everything in its own time! With my 3rd child on the way, He is really showing me organization in a whole new light. Shows about many children have shown me how to organize in the kitchen. Martha Stewart is a huge help also. She has shown us how to be homemakers and to do things around the house efficiently and appropriately to the materials that our homes are made out of.

I still have 3 more closets to organize and inventory. The two downstairs closets that lead to the garage. One is a clothing closet with hanging rods and the other is a storage closet as it does not have any hanging rods. The other closet that needs to be organized is the upstairs linen closet. It is nothing but shelves. This will be the easiest of them all to organize and inventory. As this closet is also small.

Before I leave you all, I will provide a couple of organizing inspirational links for you to go to. The first one is Laura. Her blog is I'm an Organizing Junkie!. Another one I like to go to to get ideas is Marcia of Organising Queen.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Dear Sisters,

I love homemaking because my time is my own. I dictate how my day will go and that is an awesome thing in this world. Many high paid executives do not have the freedom that I have almost every day.

I love homemaking because yeast, water, and flour make the best smell in the world!

I love homemaking because I get to decorate a corner of God's Footstool in exactly the way I like it with total creative freedom. No other person on earth will decorate in quite the same way.

I love homemaking because my kids get to lick spoons and bowls and smile with whipped cream and sugar on their lips.

I love homemaking because I can sit and read to my children all day if I want with every pillow we own under us.

I love homemaking because my uniform is a simple apron. When I put it on I feel like my grandmother and want to do so many "homey" things for my family.

I love homemaking because I get to keep learning new things to make my home a special place for my kids and my husband. Last year I learned decoupage and tole painting. (Many things from a library book!)

I love homemaking because I get to work in my garden and cut beautiful plants from it to bring into my house.

I love homemaking because I get to listen to beautiful music all day long which causes me to think of my Savior and LORD. My work doesn't even seem like work with Him on my mind.

I love homemaking because I get to cook some of the most wonderful food on a slim budget causing me to give thanks and praise to Him who shows me the way.

I love homemaking because I can go to the library and check out other women's wisdom which inspires me in my own kitchen and home.

I love homemaking because I can stop my kids at any time of the day and say, "Let's pray."

I love homemaking because I can lay on my bed and have great talks with my kids about the LORD and life.

I love homemaking because I get to smell up my house with some of the best smells on earth: homemade bread, apple pie, fried chicken, baked beans, and cole slaw. And that's just one meal!

I love homemaking because I can feel the softness of yarn flowing through my fingers as I knit an aphgan for my kitchen chair.

I love homemaking because I can sit with other women and their babies and compare struggles and trials; then come away feeling so much better to handle my own babies and struggles and trials.

I love homemaking because I can look at each room in my house as a blank canvas to paint a beautiful picture on for my family. And slowly, here and there, I pick up the beautiful treasures at thrift shops or swap meets to make those canvases come alive with love.

I love homemaking because I create the atmosphere all day in my home. If I am at peace, they are at peace. And the King helps keep me at peace because I have spent time at His Throne in the early morning hours learning from Him.

I love homemaking because I have permission to fail while I learn. I have granted permission to myself recently which makes me feel a whole lot better about learning new things and not being afraid to fail.

I love homemaking because I can plan special little surprises for my husband that bring him such delight: homemade pickles that taste like Claussen's.

I love homemaking because I fill little mason jars with homemade jams and watch my kids open them in anticipation for breakfast.

I love homemaking because I can make lemon butter, scones, and devonshire cream for my daughter and all her little friends for "tea".

I love homemaking because all the little girls can dress up in hats that hang in my living room waiting for their next visit.

I love homemaking because when my kids are sick it is no inconvenience. I get to put them right to bed in their pajamas and bring them a "tea table" with a flower, tea, and some special treat to make them smile.

I love homemaking because I get to do things with beautiful fabrics.

I love homemaking because I can gather my kids in my room if I am sick and have them take care of me or just lay next to me and play.

I love homemaking because I get to cut my kids' hair and have them sit on a special stool I designed for them. Then I get the pleasure of looking at their hair for days knowing that I cut it.

I love homemaking because I get to scrub my floors by hand just the way my grandmother did. Then I get to tell everyone to stay off the floor just like she did.

I love homemaking because I get to hang out my clothes on the line just the way my mother did and smell the sweet air in them when they come back in the house.

I love homemaking because I get to stretch a budget beyond measure which gives me great joy to see so much done with so little.

I love homemaking because I get to put a fluffy feather down comforter on everyone's bed and run them out to the clothesline on a windy day.

I love homemaking because I get to smell a freshly bathed child.

I love homemaking because I can put a fresh tablecloth on my table and transform it into a fancy restaurant with a rose in the center.

I love homemaking because there is always a new recipe to try.

I love homemaking because I can cover up "holey rugs" with beautiful handmade throw rugs that someone's grandmother probably made.

I love homemaking because I can cover up stained couches with beautiful couch covers in a rose pattern my grandmother would have worn to church.

I love homemaking because I can sit in any room in my house and it is used to its fullest. No room is for show. Every room is pleasantly occupied.

I love homemaking because no one can make me laugh like my kids.

I love homemaking because I can grab my camera and capture three muddy kids in a moment.

I love homemaking because I can take full advantage of all the seasons. Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring never get by me. I enjoy each immensely.

I love homemaking because I can bring home some of the best books in the world and know they will get read.

I love homemaking because I know my kids very well and can work with them like no other.

I love homemaking because if I am sick of being inside I can go outside.

And if I am sick of being outside I can go inside.

I love homemaking because I can kiss my kids thirty times a day if I want.

I love homemaking because the weather never affects my plans to stay home.

I love homemaking because it makes me more in awe of my mother, grandmother, and favorite aunts causing me to notice their work in great detail.

I love homemaking because my kids can get really dirty and jump in the tub before anyone's the wiser.

I love homemaking because I am the "LORD's Home Servant."

I love homemaking because no one can run this home like I can. No one knows that man of mine like I do. And no one can tell you about those kids that I live with like I can.

I love homemaking because I have time to light candles, put on soft music, and start a fire in the fireplace.

I love homemaking because I know where my kids are, and that gives me great peace because they are beside me.

I love homemaking because I get to be HOME.

I love homemaking because God called me to this job and I love it!!!!


Laine, called to be a Homemaker of God

Proverbs 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman?
for her price is far above rubies.