Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Spanking- Illegal?

There is a story on the news tonight that is highlighting an issue apparently starting in Massachusetts. Here is the link to ABC news. Read the story and vote.

I remember a time when as a child I got plenty of spankings. I was not physically abused, I was being disciplined. I do not think that the state or government has any right infringing upon parent's rights to raise their children how they see fit. There is a fine line that the government is crossing here. If this law is made legal, what's next? One line crossed leads to another line. It is a domino effect.

Please go and check out the story and then leave a comment and tell me what you think! I'm interested to know!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Words of a Housewife

God, I want to do great things for you,

And speak to all the nations!

God replies:

That’s well and good,

But for now

Fix your children’s complications.

Lord, I want to straighten up the world,

Feed the hungry and fulfill someone’s wishes!

God says:

Fine, but for the present,

You need to wash the dishes.

Lord, I want to preach, proclaim your name

And bring salvation to the earth!

God says:

Good! Then teach your children

And preach my name to those you’ve given birth.

At the end of the day,

I think of all I’ve done.

But as I look it seems,

I’ve accomplished nothing for the Son!

God I had no time to witness one on one,

I couldn’t join my church group,

They said I missed out on lots of fun.

My household is the only thing

That managed to be cleaned,

My neighbor is the only one,

Besides my family I could feed.

The only ones I’ve read Your Word

Are those within my home.

God I’ve done so very little

And I feel so all alone!

God says:

I’ve seen the way you cleaned and cooked

And taught your kids My name.

Tomorrow morning at eight o’ clock,

I’ll watch you do the same.

The work you do at home,

Though no one really sees,

Is helping to raise little ones

To grow and worship me.

My ways are not your ways,

I don’t expect you yet to see,

But the precepts that you’ve taught your children,

Will help others bow the knee.

Your children will reach out to others,

Your example in their mind.

They’ll do great work for Me

And their children will respond in kind.

The hand that rules the world,

Also rocks the cradle.

Because of you, your children love Me,

All their hearts are stable.

Though your house is your domain,

Your tasks seem rather plain,

Your efforts will reach the multitudes,

Though from humble work they came.

Words of a Housewife
By Chelsea Peterson
Nov 21, 2007 - 11:11:03 AM
© Copyright 2002-2007 by LAF/
After a wonderful Thanksgiving, we decided to spend a couple of hours at the park behind our house. The kids needed a time to get away. They played really well together. Baby Girl is getting really good at climbing up into the playground equipment. She climbs up the slides too. Just like her big brother does! She even swings on the regular swings instead of the toddler swings! She is getting to be such a big girl now that I may have to start calling her my Big Girl instead of Baby Girl. Hmm. Such a heartbreaker to realize that your babies are not babies anymore. I still cannot believe that Big Brother is in school now.

Big Brother is having a wonderful time off from school. He misses school too. I think he just misses being with his friends. He is getting tall. We just went through a few clothes that I had in a box to get the couple of pairs of pants out that he could fit before school started. He is now too tall for those pants. I have to see if I have any size bigger pants for him. Otherwise I will be needing to get him more from the thrift store. I've never bought clothes from a thrift store before, but it's high time I started stretching our money even further besides in just groceries. There are a few things that I need to look for in the thrift store for myself also.

I am needing a couple more pants in maternity XL. I have gone from maternity small, and now up to XL. Wow. It's all belly too. I am only just now hitting my pre-pregnancy weight. I didn't realize how much I lost in the first 4 or 5 months from not being able to eat. I should really start adding weight on now though. With this being the time of the pregnancy that the baby doubles in weight and with the Thanksgiving meal being eaten, I should have no problem adding on the weight now! If anything, too much at once! I can't imagine how big I will be come time for the Christmas meal!

Speaking of Christmas... I am almost all done with my shopping for gifts! I need to get my Dear Hubby something and some stocking-stuffers and I'm good! For once in our married and kids' life, we will have enough money for the gifts and the food. Praise God! I'm for once ecstatic this year! I will not have to deal with the holiday traffic that is bad around here. I will be completely done with Christmas shopping by the last payday of the month around here. I may even be completely done with all shopping and have our post-pregnancy dinners in the freezer by then! Now won't that be something to celebrate! I may be getting a little too ambitious in my late months, but it is something to keep me occupied and busy while Dear Hubby isn't home.

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos playing at the park for you to enjoy! Happy Holidays everyone!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Not posting for a little bit. Trying to get last minute pregnancy stuff lined up and ready to go. I will keep everyone updated as things progress. Kids are fine. They are little troublemakers right now. My patience level is low this past week and school is out for Thanksgiving this week. Not a good combination, but we are making it work.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Baby #3!!
Here is the face looking at you instead of a profile picture.

Here is the foot with the toes to the left and the heel to the right

This is of the spine. My favorite so far!
These ultrasound pictures were done in September. I'm sorry that they are late in getting posted. I didn't get them scanned to the computer until a couple of weeks ago.

Friday, November 09, 2007

My treat to myself. Which lately in my late pregnancy, is more often. I make myself a Chai Latte my style. It takes close to Starbucks but so much cheaper. Here is how I start out. I have my styrofoam cups to make me feel like I am having a nice cuppa.

I take a big spoon and get a heaping full serving of chai powder into the cup without water.

Then I get out my secret ingredients. They come out of the fridge. I use the Irish Cream flavor or the Pumpkin Spice flavor for a different holiday taste. The ultimate topper is of course the Whip Cream! It tastes so much better with it.

This is the color once I add the water to the powder mix.

This is the color after I add the creamer. I do not know how much it is. I go by color alone.

Add the whip cream and you have yourself a wonderful Starbucks subsitute. Some would say better!

Put the lid on and it will stay hotter longer!

Here is my cup and my little chocolate treat ready to get on the internet for a while and relax until Hubby gets home. He has been working so long and hard the past few months in his new command.

I will add more pictures later this evening or tomorrow. I took some belly pictures for those of you who haven't seen any lately. I am getting quite big, but not as big as my last 2 pregnancies so we are doing good so far.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


I love Thursdays for this very reason. This time I got a case of yogurt, Artisan bread, chocolate chip cookie mix, 3 loaves of sandwich bread and 1 thing of plain bagals. I was needing the yogurt and couldn't get any this payday. Thank the Lord! Look at the price of the bottom picture. Free for us!


Halloween started early for us this year. My dear, dear husband has been working long hours for so long now. He also works nights so we had to go out and about earlier than most kids. Next Halloween he will not be here to take the kids out so this was an important one for him.

Here is Baby Girl as an Egyptian lady.

Here is our son as an Ice-Wolf Ninja.

Here is a picture of the washable tattoo that wasn't easily washed off! I tried washing it off this morning with lots of pain involved. Soap was not a help either. Nor was the hot water. Go figure!

This picture is our favorite and I'll explain why. When we started, we only went to the decorated houses. Baby Girl would try to reach inside her bag and eat all the candy. What you are seeing here is her realizing that people are actually putting more candy in the bag with each house we go to!

Now for the start of our holidays! It's November now!!

Today was the start of a book fair at our son's school. These are the books that we bought. Since he is starting to read now, we bought books that will help him read more confidently.

And this is Baby Girl after a tiring week and a half of no naps! She is actually caught falling to the side as she is trying so desperately not to lie down! The red light and the flash of the camera didn't even elicit her eyes to peak at me. Poor thing!