Friday, June 17, 2011

A Diagnosis

I believe that we finally have an answer and a solution to our lack of weight gain for the baby. Hallelujah! We are starting a trial of medicine to help with the acid reflux. The doctors missed it beforehand because he didn't have the tell-tale sign of spitting up or vomiting. But this specialty pediatric doctor caught it. Hopefully caught it. We are hoping that it clears up in a couple of weeks. However, if by 4 weeks it hasn't, then a camera tube will be inserted down his throat. (I cringe when I think about my poor little 13 pound 7 month old having to endure that!)

We also are advised to change his diet. No more dairy, eggs, fish, or citrus foods. Also, no more jar baby foods that you buy. The water content is high and I need to start making our own foods. Another addition is to add the baby cereal back into his diet. He needs the iron.

He had a tongue tie clipped when he was 5 days old. It is also needing to be clipped again. And come to find out, he also has an upper lip tie, which I knew nothing about! I didn't know that was possible. I guess anything can be possible with the human body.

My poor baby has been hurting for over 4 months now and we didn't catch it! I feel so rotten. Like I have failed him. I am so thankful that this is such an easy fix and can be done without being invasive. I really pray that this is the answer. It is so hard to see your baby and know that he's in pain and have the doctors brush your concerns aside. I am so frustrated with our previous doctors!

I celebrate a little each day knowing that this is the longest I have ever breastfed any of my children. Woohoo! Do you know what a feat that is? Especially with this baby. As I look in the past with the other children I wonder if that is why we always weaned so early with them. Were they also hurting and this was the answer for them? They each had their own symptoms that point to it in hindsight. But you know what? Everything happens for a reason. God has a plan and this is how it played out. I trust in Him.

We have a few events going on here. I am still reading through our book with the book club. Ministry of Motherhood is a really good read. Being a mom is my ministry. Raising the children that God has blessed my husband and I with are my priorities. My husband is my priority. There is no higher calling than them. My home is where I dwell and work. And I love it. The devil has tried to pull me away. Tried to seduce me with being a worldly woman instead of a Godly woman. He has tried to tempt me and to neglect my family and my calling. But I now know what my calling is.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Life has taken us on a new path. A vegan path. Now I have to admit, I am not entirely sure I know the definition or what the distinction is for vegetarians. That is something I need to look up. Our darling little boy, who is now 7 months old, is not gaining weight or pooping. He weighs as much as he did at 3 1/2 months old. He is also very irritable during and after feeding if he doesn't fall asleep while nursing.

Yes, we are still breastfeeding. I refuse to switch to formula for a couple of reasons. One, because formula is not as beneficial health wise for him. Two, because he gags on any type of artificial nipple be it from bottles or pacifiers.

He did have a tongue tie that we had clipped when he was 5 days old. A friend of mine familiar with tongue ties explained that a second clipping might be needed. We have already seen the ENT specialists but the specialist that is a pediatric ENT wasn't there that day and only works one day a week. I couldn't be "squeezed" in for 2 weeks. His appointment is next week.

I've had his blood glucose levels checked and they are fine. I've had the first round of allergy testing done, the blood RAST test. He also checked out in normal ranges there too. I will be asking for a skin test and the ALCAT test next for delayed reactions. If everything still turns up in the normal range, I don't know what else to look for. I suppose xrays and ultrasounds to make sure his digestion tract is formed normal. There is a whole host of possibilities if he isn't having allergic reactions or a tongue tie issue.

Hence why we started the vegan path. It started with the possibility of cutting out dairy out of our diets. The more I started reading, the more I learned the myths that the cattle farmers don't want you to know. It would kill their business. But I won't explain any of that here. You wouldn't believe me anyway unless you were ready to hear it. So when you are ready to hear it, do your own research. You have to be responsible for your own health and well being. You just cannot take someone else's word for it. It might be wrong. Intentional or unintentional.

I feel that this is the most natural next step for us. I won't lie. Making out the menu and the grocery list was hard. What was harder was finding all the ingredients. I shopped 3 stores. Thank you to our local military Commissary, Whole Foods, and!

So far I've made 2 dinners. Last night was Teriyaki Rice Bowl from the book above. Tonight was Loaded Baked Potato. Which for me, needed some tweaking but was good. I borrowed this book from a friend of mine and thought the recipes sounded good. I then ordered the book from Amazon. It arrived today!!

If you are a vegan, lend your thoughts. What was easy for you, what was hard, what is your advice for beginners?

Thanks for stopping by.