Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I love this photo! Right now as I type, she is on the floor of the dining room playing with empty formula cans in a pot and loving the sound. Babies are so easy to entertain. Today, my dear and sweet hubby, is working a half day today. In civilian hours, it will be after lunch. In military hours, and aviation at that, it will be almost a full working day for civilians. Can't wait for retirement. A regular job will be cake walk for him by then.
Our baby girl will be turning the big 1 year in a couple of weeks!! She's almost walking on her own, but is holding off. She's running along the couch, not even holding on, just draping her arm. The other 2 are getting big too. It's true what you always hear your parents saying when you are young. They really do grow up so fast!
I'm still in my pj's and haven't cleaned a thing this morning. Which I need to do. I need to do some laundry today. My projects for today is to bring down the baby dresser and my little girl's dresser to the family room so that the TV and cable box have a place other than the floor. The whole room needs a cleaning and I am rearranging the furniture. The desk is getting moved to the living room and the HUGE entertainment center is going into the garage, which I also need to move things to make room for. It is one of those wall centers that only holds a 37 inch TV. Our TV barely fits. Literally squeezes in.
Big, heavy plans.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

This is part serenity for me. I love the sounds of the ocean and the smell of the salty air. It was chilly this day too. A bit windy for me, but I still like it. This is just a short drive for us. Another short drive this weekend and we'll play in the snow also. Gotta love southern California.