Monday, January 15, 2007

So I've started trying to chart my fertility signs the past few months. I've actually learned a lot. I only have one book that I have been learning from. There is one other book that I would actually like to add to my repetoire. I have found out many useful information through this book that I have. By observing my body signs, I have been better able to recognize why I do certain things at certain times of the month. I can now better anticipate those signs also. I have also found out that my thyroid actually plays a critical role in my conception. Because my thyroid has failed since the pregnancy of my last child and since her birth, my conception chances has lowered dramatically. My thyroid actually plays a key role in keeping my body temperature above a certain range. Conception is harder to have happen if the body temperature isn't high enough to essentially "bake" what needs to be baked. My temps are consistently lower than it needs to be before ovulation. Even on the medication I need, it is still low. There are also ways to help myself with my diet. I haven't been eating right so therefor haven't been getting the key vitamins that my body needs for fertility. I must be sabatoging myself. I want more kids, but it just doesn't seem like it is likely. I have to rely on God and his timing. Maybe this is his way of keeping the timing in his hands instead of ours.