Friday, November 09, 2007

My treat to myself. Which lately in my late pregnancy, is more often. I make myself a Chai Latte my style. It takes close to Starbucks but so much cheaper. Here is how I start out. I have my styrofoam cups to make me feel like I am having a nice cuppa.

I take a big spoon and get a heaping full serving of chai powder into the cup without water.

Then I get out my secret ingredients. They come out of the fridge. I use the Irish Cream flavor or the Pumpkin Spice flavor for a different holiday taste. The ultimate topper is of course the Whip Cream! It tastes so much better with it.

This is the color once I add the water to the powder mix.

This is the color after I add the creamer. I do not know how much it is. I go by color alone.

Add the whip cream and you have yourself a wonderful Starbucks subsitute. Some would say better!

Put the lid on and it will stay hotter longer!

Here is my cup and my little chocolate treat ready to get on the internet for a while and relax until Hubby gets home. He has been working so long and hard the past few months in his new command.

I will add more pictures later this evening or tomorrow. I took some belly pictures for those of you who haven't seen any lately. I am getting quite big, but not as big as my last 2 pregnancies so we are doing good so far.

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