Thursday, November 01, 2007


Halloween started early for us this year. My dear, dear husband has been working long hours for so long now. He also works nights so we had to go out and about earlier than most kids. Next Halloween he will not be here to take the kids out so this was an important one for him.

Here is Baby Girl as an Egyptian lady.

Here is our son as an Ice-Wolf Ninja.

Here is a picture of the washable tattoo that wasn't easily washed off! I tried washing it off this morning with lots of pain involved. Soap was not a help either. Nor was the hot water. Go figure!

This picture is our favorite and I'll explain why. When we started, we only went to the decorated houses. Baby Girl would try to reach inside her bag and eat all the candy. What you are seeing here is her realizing that people are actually putting more candy in the bag with each house we go to!

Now for the start of our holidays! It's November now!!

Today was the start of a book fair at our son's school. These are the books that we bought. Since he is starting to read now, we bought books that will help him read more confidently.

And this is Baby Girl after a tiring week and a half of no naps! She is actually caught falling to the side as she is trying so desperately not to lie down! The red light and the flash of the camera didn't even elicit her eyes to peak at me. Poor thing!

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