Sunday, November 25, 2007

After a wonderful Thanksgiving, we decided to spend a couple of hours at the park behind our house. The kids needed a time to get away. They played really well together. Baby Girl is getting really good at climbing up into the playground equipment. She climbs up the slides too. Just like her big brother does! She even swings on the regular swings instead of the toddler swings! She is getting to be such a big girl now that I may have to start calling her my Big Girl instead of Baby Girl. Hmm. Such a heartbreaker to realize that your babies are not babies anymore. I still cannot believe that Big Brother is in school now.

Big Brother is having a wonderful time off from school. He misses school too. I think he just misses being with his friends. He is getting tall. We just went through a few clothes that I had in a box to get the couple of pairs of pants out that he could fit before school started. He is now too tall for those pants. I have to see if I have any size bigger pants for him. Otherwise I will be needing to get him more from the thrift store. I've never bought clothes from a thrift store before, but it's high time I started stretching our money even further besides in just groceries. There are a few things that I need to look for in the thrift store for myself also.

I am needing a couple more pants in maternity XL. I have gone from maternity small, and now up to XL. Wow. It's all belly too. I am only just now hitting my pre-pregnancy weight. I didn't realize how much I lost in the first 4 or 5 months from not being able to eat. I should really start adding weight on now though. With this being the time of the pregnancy that the baby doubles in weight and with the Thanksgiving meal being eaten, I should have no problem adding on the weight now! If anything, too much at once! I can't imagine how big I will be come time for the Christmas meal!

Speaking of Christmas... I am almost all done with my shopping for gifts! I need to get my Dear Hubby something and some stocking-stuffers and I'm good! For once in our married and kids' life, we will have enough money for the gifts and the food. Praise God! I'm for once ecstatic this year! I will not have to deal with the holiday traffic that is bad around here. I will be completely done with Christmas shopping by the last payday of the month around here. I may even be completely done with all shopping and have our post-pregnancy dinners in the freezer by then! Now won't that be something to celebrate! I may be getting a little too ambitious in my late months, but it is something to keep me occupied and busy while Dear Hubby isn't home.

Here are a few pictures of the kiddos playing at the park for you to enjoy! Happy Holidays everyone!

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