Wednesday, October 17, 2007

In my quest to try and get organized in our new home, I have finally gotten our pantry the way I can use it the most efficiently. I started out using the meager cabinets in our kitchen for the food. I used the pantry in our laundry room for the pans and stoneware that we use plus all extra food that didn't fit in our small kitchen. This did not work the best for us. So rather than try to fit all of our food stuff in the kitchen, I moved it all into the pantry and took the cabinet doors off.

As you can see in the bottom picture, there is an empty space. These two bottom shelves I am going to install a wire basket with a divide in each one so I can put potatoes in one side and my onions in the other. Since onions and potatoes should not be stored in the same place, this will keep them apart from each other. If you look really close, next to the tea containers you can see a clipboard. That holds the inventory for this pantry. I have already marked it with the quantities.

God is leading me to be more resourceful with our goods and to not waste. We have wasted so much that it has wasted our money too. He is showing me where I need the work and providing the links and/or books that shows me how to do what it is I am needing to do. He is amazing that way! Everything in its own time! With my 3rd child on the way, He is really showing me organization in a whole new light. Shows about many children have shown me how to organize in the kitchen. Martha Stewart is a huge help also. She has shown us how to be homemakers and to do things around the house efficiently and appropriately to the materials that our homes are made out of.

I still have 3 more closets to organize and inventory. The two downstairs closets that lead to the garage. One is a clothing closet with hanging rods and the other is a storage closet as it does not have any hanging rods. The other closet that needs to be organized is the upstairs linen closet. It is nothing but shelves. This will be the easiest of them all to organize and inventory. As this closet is also small.

Before I leave you all, I will provide a couple of organizing inspirational links for you to go to. The first one is Laura. Her blog is I'm an Organizing Junkie!. Another one I like to go to to get ideas is Marcia of Organising Queen.

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