Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall is such a wonderful time of year. I love all seasons. At each season I am proclaiming that this season is my favorite season of the year!

With our new schedule this week, all of us are wore out and tired. We are getting up an hour or more earlier than normal to take my husband to work in the mornings in order to be back home in time to take my oldest to school. We also take our neighbors kids to school also since they are at the same school. Their mom started her new job this past Monday. I am not getting dinner done in time for all of us to get settled and into bed earlier. So my poor kids have been going to bed at normal time and getting up super early. I am not getting any sleep the further into my pregnancy I get. So I am getting worn down too. It's no wonder with our 20 degree differences between night and day at this time of year that we are beginning to show signs of all of us getting sick. Today I plan on getting us back on track.

I am revising my cleaning schedule and my notebook for this stage of our lives. With me being pregnant and my son in school, it is time to revise. I can no longer do as much throughout the day like I use to. I have to schedule my routine in my best time of day. Which happens to be when I come back from dropping my son off and it lasts about a couple of hours until lunch.

At night when I should be settling into bed and relaxing to go to sleep, I am getting my nesting kicked into high gear. Last night I went through about 4 more boxes that were out in the garage. I also reorganized and rebinned our clothes that are outgrown or not grown into yet. I save our clothes. This being our 3rd child, I have learned to save your clothes. In the past, I have gotten rid of outgrown clothes for myself and my kids only to learn later that I could still use them for different stages of my life. Consider that one an expensive lesson! Last weekend, I painted our master bedroom and my husband painted our son's room on Monday. I still have my daughter's furniture to paint. I am getting nervous since I only have no more than 13 weeks left of our pregnancy and my home is not the way I want it yet. I know that once the baby comes I will not have the time or energy to get it into place. Now granted we've only lived in this house for a month now, but still. I am getting restless about an unorganized home. My kitchen is today's goal. I want to rearrange the mixing bowls and the pantry to be more utilized. The food goes in the pantry and the bowls go into the cabinets. I need my kitchen to be ready by November. In November we have Thanksgiving and I want to start freezing meals for after the baby is born.

I have too many goals and projects laid out for the next 2 months considering the holidays are on their way. I need to drag out the fall box of decorations and decorate, but I can't seem to let myself do that until my home is in order. I have too much to do! I haven't even begun to plan the holidays either. I still have to plan my Baby Shower that is 2 weeks away. I haven't begun the menu or the decorations yet. Just too much...

I just got done reading Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook. It's wonderful! I highly recommend it. She has tips for cleaning and repairing every surface material used in every room of the house. It is compiled for those who own and those who do not own a home. It is useful for all of us. Renters and owners alike. I could go on and on about this book. I am going to go through it again and put post-its on the pages that I need for right away. This book has spurred my nesting phase into high gear. I was nesting before I got this book, but now it's bad. Even my husband was wow'd last night.

Okay. It is time for me to now get on with my day. I have a lot of things to get done and my son has only a half day today. I get him in just less than 3 hours from now. Everyone have a wonderful day today!

God bless you all!
Mommy Lynda

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