Friday, October 19, 2007

An afternoon of fun!

Baby Girl decided she was going to help mommy sweep off the back patio yesterday evening. She sat down her "D" and got to work. ("D" being drink or sippy cup.) It was so cute of her. She thinks that she is really helping out and is really proud of that. Who am I to say that she is really just pushing around the grass?! I let her get her help as much as she wants. She helps with the dishes. She will put the dirty silverware into the bin and put the clean ones in the drawer. Now she won't put the clean ones in their little slotted spot, but she will at least put it in the right drawer! She helps with the laundry. I give her clothes to throw in the wash and she'll drop them in the washer. When we change loads, she will take the wet clothes I hand her and put them in the dryer. She's quite the Mommy's Helper!

Now, I do not know what possessed our son to come up with this idea, but it helps me out too. He is digging out the rocks out of my "garden". This is a planter box made for us to plant in. But you can tell that none of the occupants before us used it as such. Well, I plan to use it! What big plans I have for it too with little to no money! Lol. As the case is most of the time. He even got Daddy to help after dinner and a long day at his work! It's amazing what our kids can get us to do even when we are too tired to do anything on our own!

He was super excited about getting the rocks out! He wanted to keep doing it after his bath. He woke up this morning and that was the first thing he asked to do. He wanted to stay home from school and continue on his "work". That child of mine! He loves to help out in the yard. It's a shame that we are not allowed to plant in most of the yard. If it wasn't for this planter box, we wouldn't be allowed to plant anything! I had to take a picture of my husband in the yard too. He is not an Earth worker. When it comes to putting his hands in the dirt, he doesn't know what to do. And he will tell you that too. He is not shy about it. But he loves to watch me and our kids get in the dirt! We've been in this house a little more than a month now and this is about as far as we've gotten to getting out in the yard! Last weekend, we borrowed a friend's lawnmower and actually got to mow the yard. This yard is bigger than our last, so my hubby mowed it for me. It was a good thing. I probably wouldn't be able to walk for a couple of days afterwards. He was out of breath afterwards himself! The yard is bigger than it looks once you mow it.

Well, I'm off. Today is Friday. It's going to be a lazy day in the house until Big Man gets out of school. Then I may take them to the park. It all depends on how hot it gets today. We went yesterday and it was perfect. I don't expect that again today. I was looking on my weather bug thing and it calls for 80's here today. Yuck. I like it being cool like fall weather is suppose to be. I enjoy the coolness in the air. Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

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