Friday, February 29, 2008

This photo was taken yesterday. This kitten happens to be only 1 day old here. I am thinking this is the one that I will be taking. This kitten happens to be a male. I was wanting a male. There is also a solid black male that I am thinking of getting also. I don't want both of them, so I need to decide. I am thinking that I should wait until they are a bit older to see their personalities first. Big Man is so excited that the momma cat had her babies! He is dying to go see them. He hasn't seen them yet. This Sunday we are all going over there for dinner and a game. He will be able to see them then. Poor momma cat had a long labor. She was overdue also. The first kitten, the solid black one, was born butt first. My friend's roommate had to pull the head out. I am thinking that this is why she was overdue. The first one wasn't in position yet. They are beautiful kittens.


Sandy said...

Hi Lynda - just visiting back thru commenters and found you! The kitty is so precious - and your baby!

Mommy Lynda said...

Thank you Sandy.