Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I am really tired this week. Yesterday afternoon I just could not keep my eyes open after picking up my son from school. I took a nap on the couch for about an hour and a half. I am tired again this morning and thinking about taking another nap and it's not even lunch time yet. What does that say about me? I just cannot keep my eyes open! I know that my iron levels are low, but are they getting lower? Is that why I am so tired lately? I might have to up my dose of iron. I currently take a liquid supplement of iron. The last time I had my iron levels checked a week ago, my level was at 10.3 and the normal range starts at 12. So I know that I am low. I also found out that I can buy an iron level checker from Amazon. So that way I can check my own iron levels at home.

Today, my son is going on his first field trip with his class. Last night he cried though. He said he was scared. I remember being scared on my first field trip also. I made him a palet of blankets at the side of my bed so he could sleep in our room. Poor guy. This morning he was back to normal. I made his lunch, got his hat ready, and him all dressed and out the door. He is all ready to go. They left about a half hour ago from the school on to his trip. They are going to have fun. I just know they are.

I am not taking this time while the baby is sleeping to clean. I know I should. I am tired so I am going to get off the computer now and take a short nap. You remember how it was after having kids and breastfeeding. You can get tired really quick.

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