Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sorry I haven't been on to post lately. I am still getting use to the new routine with new baby. And I wouldn't necessarily call it a routine yet. We are starting to figure out each other. In the mornings, she likes to sleep. In the evenings, she likes to be wide awake. Gotcha. Also, the first out of three kids, but she does NOT like to be in a wet diaper! Our previous two didn't mind it one bit. But with this baby girl, she lets me know right away if I've not noticed quick enough that her diaper is wet.

Hubby went back to work this Monday. So I have not had his help during the day. It has been harder. Also, Big Man went back to school also. So he isn't even here to be mommy's helper. Just us and Baby Girl and she's 2. Not likely to be helping me by behaving. She is behaving just like a typical 2 year old is suppose to behave. Like a crazy girl!

I'm getting ready mentally for spring. Being in southern California, the weather is nothing like it is up north! We are getting warmer here with our rain moving past us. Actually, we have gotten more rain this year than we did last year. Rather surprising! I'm planning my garden. I'm going to plant some vegetables, herbs, and flowers this year. Not too many of each though. I will most likely have more flowers than anything! I do not have much of a yard that gets full sun. And most vegetables require full sun. However, last summer when I grew my tomatoes, they were getting dried out and burnt if I didn't water them each and every day! So here, full sun, means be careful just how much afternoon sun! Our sun is rather strong!

Have a wonderful Super Bowl weekend! We do not have any plans as of yet, but that always changes come up till the day of.

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