Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Today my goal is to get my laundry done and to put away my maternity clothes in a bin and stack in the garage. I am almost to my pre-pregnancy size, but not quite. I still have about 2 more sizes to go. Although I do not have any jeans that fit me at the moment. And I cannot find the other pants that do fit! That's how you know you really need to do some laundry! Now my question to you fellow bloggers out there is, how do you do laundry when you have a newborn stuck to you nursing almost non stop? I have heard of some of you mommas out there that wear your babies in a sling or carrier, do your babies not get frustrated of the bending over the washer and then the dryer? Please, if any of you mommas out there have any suggestions I am more than willing to give them a try!

Be right back. I need to get Big Man dressed for school and myself to take him to school.

Okay. I am back again after having changed the baby's blow-out diaper, clothes, and my own clothes; filled up Baby Girl's cereal snack bag which I just saw is now all over the floor (:<); and not having ate anything this morning so now I'm starving. But, of course, the baby is hungry again so guess who eats first?

My growing list of things to do is getting longer fast. I now have to vacuum for the umpteenth time this week, clean up the kitchen (not bad yet), fold laundry, stuff diapers, start my and my husband's clothes to wash, and wash the floors. I also have to clear out the clutter that is getting worse.

Baby Girl has found the hammer as I hear her banging it along the wall as she brings it to me. Of course I'm stuck sitting down nursing and cannot follow her around. Baby is almost asleep nursing so I'll be able to lay her butt down right shortly.

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