Thursday, February 07, 2008

I have come across a lovely blog! This woman takes wonderful photos, makes delicious meals, and writes beautifully! What a combination. I can see now how so many people are addicted to her blogs. She has two. Her main blog is where she writes her love story. Her second blog is where she shows us her wonderful recipes! I have spent my whole morning and most of last night reading both of these wonderful blogs! I am inspired by her, but yet cannot pry myself away long enough to get any cleaning done. Even with a newborn, I have a wonderful excuse to not get up. I can sit here and nurse my wee one while reading her blogs! Thank you wee one! If you get a chance, no scratch that. Take some time to go check out Ree as Pioneer Woman. You won't regret it! Just looking at her photos makes it all worth it.

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