Monday, July 23, 2007

So today was a really good day. I woke up not so on top of the game, but as I got going it did get better.

I got 4 boxes packed and inventoried for the move. The kitchen is almost caught up on being cleaned. I still have the microwave to wipe out with my cleaning solution, a couple more pots to wash by hand, my china cups I use for my evening tea to hand wash and to clean out the draining board in my sink. It is just cluttered with things to put away.

I am baking the lemon cake that is featured in Ladies Finishing School that is going on. I just found this on Elizabeth's blog here and she had a link to the Lemon Cake that is here also. I am letting the cakes cool on the cooling rack right now and I am going to make the icing now.

It's done! Here are the progression pictures:

As you can see, my little girl was my big helper and was delighted to be there. Every time I turned around to read the recipe off the blog, she was dipping her little fingers in the batter! My husband kept coming in too and taking his turn of licks. Everyone is dying to have a slice, but we are waiting for my son to finish his supper.

For supper we had tacos with flour tortillas. One of our favorite cheap meals! There is enough left over for my husband's lunch tonight and for us lunches tomorrow while my husband sleeps. Yay! For us not making it to the grocery store this payday, the Lord has shown us how he provides still. I am thankful for a gracious God! He has shown me how he can still answer prayers even though I haven't been the daughter that I was meant to be. But I am humbled and return to his feet. Thank you God!

For all of you, have a wonderful week this week. Enjoy your families.

Mommy Lynda

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