Monday, July 16, 2007

I have an upset toddler in my lap as I sit and write this. Now she's playing with big brother.

I am beginning to feel better now that I am entering my second trimester. I got a load of dishes going in the dishwasher. I folded the sheets that were in the dryer, swapped the sheets in the washer over into the dryer and started another load of clothes in the washer. We are extremely behind in our laundry. I cleaned the downstairs bathroom which I haven't done in *gasp* over 6 months. My husband was the last one to clean it. I thank God for my husband on many levels! He truly is a blessing to me.

I still have much to do to catch up, but I'm trying not to overdue myself. I've been rereading a couple of my homemaking books. One is HouseWorks by Cynthia Townley Ewer of The other is Mrs. Dunwoody's Excellent Instructions For Homekeeping by Miraiam Lukken. I collect homekeeping books. I like to reread them to get me motivated when I've lost my way. I also have a long list of homemaking blogs that I have bookmarked on my computer when I just want to get away and escape. Which some days can be a lot. I highly recommend these books to any homemaking enthusiasts. Add these to your collection.

Having a 5 year old at home all day and a one and a half year old and pregnant can be overwhelming some days. I have had days of morning sickness get a hold of me which I didn't have with my other 2 kids. So this is new to me. I've had headaches that blackout parts of my vision. I have sciatica that acts up on it's own choosing. Most days I can walk. This pregnancy is definitely testing me. I try not to look at all the negative it's causing me.

Have a wonderful Monday. I hope your week goes as planned. Enjoy the summer!
Mommy Lynda

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