Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Ahhhh. Just when you think you budgeted right. That's when another company takes their money without authorization for a past bill. Now we do not have money to go grocery shopping with. So in light of our new found situation, I have really had to lean on God for inspiration for our supper with what we do have left. So for tonight's supper we had Baked Potatoes with chili and a Super Salad. In the salad I put prebagged lettuce and chopped some tomatoes, yellow squash and green bell pepper. I also shredded some cheese on top. That was our lovely and filling supper! I have to say that it was yummy and even my husband said that he enjoyed the salad. Now he is normally not my salad eater! My 5 year old son got even more creative and he wanted his salad wrapped in a tortilla and he put ketchup on it. He will put ketchup on everything. (Thank you God for the meal you provided us and that it filled us up like the loaves you gave the multitudes!)

I'd also like to hear of any of your creative supper's that you have had to make in the past. I know at one time or another we all have had these moments. Blessings to you all!

Mommy Lynda

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