Friday, July 23, 2010

What are your plans for the weekend?

I am redecorating our home. I'm doing one room at a time and have decided to start with the most important room in your home. The entryway/foyer. This room sets the tone for the rest of the home when you walk in. What about when your guests walk in? What do you want them to feel? How do you want to feel or your spouse at the end of a long day? My entryway is not as grand or as big as I would like, but it is still big enough to do something with. I am starting by changing the wall color. When we moved in, all the walls were one color. Arizona White. Which is just short of a dingy white, if you ask me. I'd rather have stark white walls. However, we didn't get to choose. I've slowly over time painted some of the rooms. The kitchen is a soft buttery yellow color. Then we found the color on clearance that our oldest son wanted for his bedroom. So we bought it right then! Then I saw another clearance gallon for our bedroom. I liked it until I gave birth at a birthing center and they had the exact same color! (Yuck!) So now I can't stand the color.

I decided on Cafe Latte by Glidden. It's such a nice neutral color. I can easily add the other colors and have it coordinate. I was looking for a table for one of the walls at Ross and found the perfect mirror instead for the wall. Yay! I love it when I find a goody! I'll most likely head to Home Goods to find a table for my entryway. I'd really like a Bombay style table. I am so excited to start this project.

I'd love to hear what you have planned for the weekend. I hope to finish the painting by this weekend. We'll see.

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Nancy said...

Lynda, Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me! I hope you have a wonderful time re-decorating...I LOVE to spend a day doing that! Have fun! Nancy