Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is the phone that I upgraded to. My previous phone was a Blackberry 8320. The gold edition. I loved my Blackberry. However, most places stopped making Blackberry apps and my screen was starting to get scratched up. I needed a new phone. I was due for an upgrade. I wanted to keep my full keyboard but try out the touch screen also. I also had to have the Android market. There are just too many apps being made for the Android to not be apart of it. And the new iPhone 4 is a joke! Plus they are still with AT&T who will never be apart of our lives again! So their loss. Not mine. And from the reviews, all the iPhones are being left in the dust by the Android market. Now I just have to get use to the typing on it. There were shortcuts with the Blackberry. Now I just have to learn this new phone.

This is also what I just bought. I'm so excited to receive it tomorrow. I have put it off for a while debating whether or not I was ready to give up the actual books with pages. Plus I didn't want the eye strain. But after much research and hearing from family and friends, I have taken the plunge now that Amazon has lowered the price. Woohoo! I am really looking forward to my new toy! And I just couldn't wait so I also ordered 2 books for it. And I figured it would be nice to have something to read without having to weigh by bags down when I'm in the hospital after giving birth for the 5th time. It is still boring after a while and you just can't wait to get home.

I have heard good reviews for the ex-debutante. And the second book is by the same author. I normally like these kind of books so I thought having 2 would be good in case I finish the first one really fast. (I'm known to finish a book after a day or so.)

Anyhoo. So now that I am catching up to the technology craze... Lol.

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