Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Wow. What a day today! I got a lot done considering I have an 8 week old baby here with me. She has been napping a lot today.

Here is a snapshot of my day today.

Woke up at 5:30am.
Took medicine
Helped take trash to curb for trash day
Saw husband off for work
Checked email, facebook (family emails on it too)
Nursed littlest one then laid in swing for morning nap
Spent quiet time on computer before waking oldest up for school
Woke R up for school, takes his medicine, sock hunt and off to school
Straighten living room floor ready to vacuum
Girly Bear wakes up and santers downstairs
Vacuum living room floor (pine needles from tree)
Nursed baby girl again and down for nap again
Then Monkey Girl comes downstairs and change her diaper and get her dressed
Baby Girl wakes up fussy, so get wrap on and snuggle her in the wrap and walk outside to calm her down
Walk to neighbors house to visit for a few minutes
Come home and fix breakfast for the girls (grilled cheese sandwhiches this morning)
Lay Baby Girl back in swing
Start dinner and get it simmering on stove
Continue with laundry, sorting, folding, ironing, hanging, ect.

None of this is in complete order. The laundry for instance, is an ongoing thing. Little bit here, little bit there, and then put away. Also, nursing Baby Girl is an on again off again ordeal also. The diapers between the two keep me on the floor a lot too.

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