Monday, December 21, 2009

That Ol' Time Feelin' of Christmas

I have the sweetest, most thoughtful mother-in-law. She sent me a box of her old christmas tree ornaments that was on her tree when her kids were little. My husband remembered a few of them. Some of them were made by her father in Scotland. He made many things. He made a radio for them to listen to during the war. He made a machine for her to work her arm every day when she had polio as a child. He worked with wood also. This man was a very handy man to have around. His workmanship is so good, that I cannot tell which ornaments were made by him and which ones were store bought when my husband was a child. Can you tell?

I recently went to Walmart at 9pm at night thinking I was going to miss the crowd. I was hoping. That wasn't the case. I was browsing the book and magazine nook to find something to read. It just so happens that I was in luck this time. You see, our Walmart isn't a SuperWalmart. Our book and magazine nook is just that, a nook. The selection isn't that great. However, that night I found a few gems.

A Christmas Visitor by Thomas Kinkade and Katherine Spencer; and The Purpose of Christmas by Rick Warren who also wrote The Purpose-Driven Life.

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