Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Good Wife's Guide

by: Good Housekeeping

I've seen this ad circulated for quite a few years now. I still like it. It shows the life of the times in that era. Today's housewife gets no respect. People look down on a housewife in today's time. Back then, you were looked up to and respected. It seems to me that women are not getting much respect whether or not they hold a job or work at home. Either way we're not very happy.
This is the season to be happy! Be joyful onto the world. Let the earth rejoice and sing!

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. Enjoy the lights that sparkle and shine for us to remember... What are you going to remember. Those yummy little sweets that your loved ones made for you when you were little? How about those shiny presents that sat under the tree?

Oooh. There were twinkling lights and bright shiny ornaments on my christmas tree when I was growing up. I use to sit at the bottom of the tree looking up through the branches and just watch the lights dance. That was my favorite spot. It was so magickal looking through the array of lights and color. I still love it!

This year I wanted to do something special. Something different. Something that the kids would remember and enjoy. What did we do? We bought a real tree. I have never experienced a real tree for christmas and I wanted my kids to know what it was like. To have the smell of pine throughout the whole house when waking up. I have to say, it truly is a remarkable thing. Now I have to admit that I have been debating this for quite a number of years now. We did have a prelit fake tree that we've used for years. But the lights quite working so we threw it out last year. So this year was our opportunity to go either way. We could always buy a prelit tree on clearance after christmas when they all go clearance we reasoned with ourselves. I was a little hesitant about the shedding. I've heard stories about how the needles were always a mess on the floor. And being the O.C.D. person I am about little stuff like that all over my floor, I didn't know if I could overlook something like that. But let me tell you... I LOVE LOVE LOVE this tree! I can handle the needles on the floor. I vacuum them right up. Not even every day. And when I vacuum another room, it fills the air with fresh pine scent too from the needles in the vacuum bag. So not entirely a bad deal if you ask me.

Now you go on out there and find you a real Christmas tree before they are all gone! Put all your ornaments and lights on it and go wild. Do something different than those magazine pictures. Make your tree special to you!

Have a Merry Christmas y'all!

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