Thursday, April 19, 2007

This past week has brought up many issues that we have with our society. This whole ordeal with the incident that happened at Virginia Tech just brings to light the loopholes in our education system. But is doesn't end or begin there. There are so many issues tied into this one incident.

There were a lot of lives lost that fateful day. They will be mourned. There will most likely be a memorial set up. I grieve the lives of those people that were shot that day. I also grieve the gunman student also. This young man clearly needed intervention. Many warning signs were brought up. Many people expressed concern for him. And yet, only one doctor had the opportunity to diagnose him. For all those people that voiced concern, a second doctor was not let the opportunity for a second opinion.

My kids are not old enough for college yet. However, if I pay money for my children to leave my home and live under their roof, they should follow their guidelines. I will NOT pay for my child's privacy. If my child gets suspended or expelled, I want a phone call. The same goes for any mental health evaluation. If many people feel that the safety of my child is at stake (as the one doctor clearly stated) then they should be taken care of. If it is medicine they need, get the medicine. If it is time in a hospital, then admit them. Regardless if my child is willing to accept the help. They are still young enough to not realize when or if they need the help. Or even mature enough to know when to admit they need help. And need help recognizing and dealing with their help. It gets complicated for a grown adult to handle yet we expect our kids to just jump in and swim.

I do not know what is going to take place at the campus now. There are a lot of suggestions as to what should take place. Should there be metal detectors placed at all the doors? Should there be more armed guards walking the corridors? Who is going to pay for the guards? The expense of universities and colleges are already too high for the majority of Americans. Almost all of us Americans cannot afford to pay for college and take out loans and apply for grants. We cannot afford our own education that is our right.

The school has a lot on their plate right now. I do not envy them. A lot of controversy surrounds this particular incident. Mainly people are wanting a someone or something to blame.

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