Monday, April 23, 2007

Mornings at My House

Monday mornings at my house are like Sundays left over. It takes me a while to get going while the kids run around the house playing. They keep each other entertained which is wonderful for me.

Tuesdays are like my Mondays. I get my cleaning done on this day. I can get more loads of laundry done on this day than any other. I don’t know why, but that seems to be my cycle. I just go with it instead of fighting it.

Wednesdays are my mornings that I spend cuddling with the kiddos. They really like that I do that with them on this day. They don’t like it on other days. I know. I have weird kids. But I like them that way.

Thursday and Friday are my toughest mornings. I drink a cup of coffee extra than normal on these mornings. I spend a little extra time at my computer on these mornings also. I need a little extra to get me going on these days. More often than not, Fridays are my pajama days. I don’t get out of my pajamas on these days and stay inside on these days.

Saturdays are my Fridays. Except my husband is with us on these days! He’s not working his long hours or sleeping in between his long shifts so he is spending his time with us!

Sundays are family days. We lounge on the couch and watch kid movies with our kids. There’s no going to the store on these days. No games on these days. No going outside to play with friends. It’s the day we spend with each other.

I have not achieved a routine yet, but I work on it every day during the week. Tuesday is the peak of my week. This is the day I have the most energy and get the most done in a day.

I’d love to hear how your mornings are!

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