Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A Day at the Beach

We took a trip to the beach yesterday morning. I loaded up my 5 year old that you see in the picture above and my 18 month old and went treasure hunting. We were looking for intact seashells or any rocks that caught our fancy. It was such a beautiful day! At this time of year the tourists haven't arrived yet so the beach is empty except for the few runners and a few quiet strollers. The perfect time if you want to enjoy the effects of the ocean and the breeze. It was a little more chilly than what I had thought. Next time we will bring a few jackets.

As I was looking for seashells the call of the waves were answered by my two. They just couldn't resist! They would run into the waves as they rolled onto the beach and then run back to the shores. It was such a sight. The water wasn't that cold yesterday. Last summer I remember the water being freezing. Even just stepping in the water with just your feet was like stepping in ice.

I love this picture. It was amazing how the light from the sun reflected off the water! When you look in our ocean here on the beaches here, you can see gold flakes. It is so beautiful that you literally just stare in amazement at the water.

In all this fun, I did manage to find 3 big seashells that were not broken! It's so hard to find them not broken. I put them in a dish when I got home and rinsed them clean. We will do this again in a couple of weeks. We had so much fun!

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