Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ya know, every once in a while, I spend way too much money. This wound up being one of those times. I have put off buying what I needed for myself for so long that when I did finally buy what I needed for my own upkeep, it came out to be more than I anticipated. Oh the joys of being beautiful and well kept. Fortunately, my husband has no idea what it costs for us women to be beautiful for our men. Also fortunately, he doesn't get spitting angry when I go overboard. I just tighten down and make what is left work and reign it in in the coming months. It all works out in the end.

On a different note... I am attending a weekend class for my career. I am trying to get licensed as a real estate agent and am preparing for the license exam. That is where this class comes in. It is all day Saturday and all day Sunday. The next availability for the exam to be booked is the end of March. The week prior to when we go on vacation to Texas. However, I cannot book it just quite yet. Keep me in your prayers for my results when I do take the exam. I really want to pass this exam, but it does have a high failure rate. I just do not want to be apart of that statistic.

Youtube is my friend. If you watch Youtube, who or what channel is your favorite?

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