Friday, February 26, 2010

Here is me learning new eye makeup colors. This is the set of Mary Kay makeup. I don't remember the name but they don't offer it any more. It was one of their last summer color sets. I have been on Youtube this past week playing with everyone's makeup tutorials. I've had so much fun! I went to the mall and to the local store today to buy more makeup. I even bought an 88 color palette set off of Amazon today too. I love love LOVE makeup. And you can never spend too much to keep yourself looking good for your husband! I'll do another post on everything I bought. I even bought a new bra from Victoria Secrets. It's called Body by Victoria. It's so comfortable. Totally worth it!

Here is what the look is. Very subtle but with some pretty colors. I have a green for the bottom. A basic brown for the crease, and then a blue for the top accent. I never would have mixed green and blue in the same look, but it works here.

Please excuse the hair stuck to my lip! Lol.

Here I am!

Here is the other eye. Look how pretty it is!

Show me your makeup look.

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That looks nice!