Thursday, April 10, 2008

The day was a long one. It was hard. It seemed as if we were trying too hard to not make it seem too quick. And my poor hubby didn't know what to do on his first day off in 3 weeks. He would walk around the house and look for something to do. Our internet isn't the greatest right now for his online game that he plays so that didn't work out. Then he logged onto our Netflix to watch a movie on our computer, but that didn't work either. Poor thing just wasn't having a very good day.

I have been looking all over for a pattern to make a Hooter Hider. I have found only one. You can find it here. It looks fairly easy to make. So now I can't decide if I want to make an apron for myself or a Hooter Hider. Ah. Decisions, decisions. Oh how they are hard to make. Not that I have the time to make them. I do nurse almost continually to a wee little (almost) 3 month old baby girl. If anyone knows of a way to add hours to my day, or at the very least get all kids to sleep at the same time. Now we're talkin'.

Okay everyone. It is late. Very late. Almost tomorrow. I have a day worth of cleaning to do tomorrow. I also have a baby girl hitting her growth spurt while battling thrush inside her mouth. Till tomorrow night, you have a wonderful day!

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