Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This little man is stretching my mommy abilities. I thank God for him daily. But I also lean on God daily. His intolerances are hard to figure out. I am almost certain that this last test we did for eliminating gluten has a positive affect. However, now he is reacting to something else and sadly the only thing that we've given him is his standby... rice milk. The ONLY milk he can drink. (So far.) And he is COVERED. (sighs)

I wish there was someone that I could talk to that has the answers and has a ton of advice on how to do this. How do I still give him the nutrients, vitamins, minerals that he needs to function and grow? He is, once again, not growing. He's a smart fellow, but he has problems growing. God gave him to us and entrusted us to be his parents for a reason. I am learning and stretching daily.

As I sit here this morning, Little Man has fallen back asleep after a fitful sleep last night and an early morning. So now is the time to be researching what to do now.

Spend time with God this morning and He will direct your day.

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