Monday, November 07, 2011

Time Off

What is that? Well as nature would have it, we all got sick. All at once. We already took the week or two off before we got physically sick because I was just mentally sick. Then once I got physically sick, I had a full on panic attack that turned into asthma attach or a mock asthma attack. I do not have asthma. And it lasted for 4 hours. I thought I was going to slip away and not wake up. For real. I actually went to our ER. I was scared. So I took another couple of weeks off. Now I feel great! 

There are some aspects of our curriculum that I am not loving. Some I threw out of our lesson plans. Some we will finish the year up with and try something new next year. Oh the joys of homeschooling. I'm a planner. I like to make plans and write it all out. What looks great on paper and in theory sometimes does not manifest as well in reality. Bummer. But back to the lesson plans and the internet once again. 

After the holiday I need to add my soon-to-be-4-year-old to our lessons too. She can already count and knows her colors and shapes and can even recognize some of the alphabet and knows the sounds. Hmmm. Maybe I should have included her in the beginning like I thought. Lesson learned to listen to your intuition. Mine has never failed me yet. Only I have failed it. 

I will find what works and I know it will change. Homeschooling is a living breathing entity. It changes and evolves just as my kids do. My kids are the ones changing and succeeding. I love what I do. 

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