Friday, February 04, 2011

There will be a blogging break.

My husband just had surgery yesterday on his shoulder. And I am sending my laptop off to Apple to get it fixed. Turns out there really is water damage on the inside of my Mac. Can't imagine how that got there. It couldn't have been the drinks my kids persist on walking around the house with when there is a toddle walking around grabbing everything within reach! Oh no... not that at all. The young guy working at my Apple store informs me that it will take about 5 days. (Ummmm. FIVE days?!?!) I can do it. I can do it. I can go without internet for 5 days.

OH YEAH!!! My husband's laptop just so happens to be in the back room. I can use his!! Seeing how everyone in our house uses his and it's not really portable with it's 15 second battery life and non working keyboard, I won't be using his to blog. Just to check my emails and facebook. Because I mean really.... who can live without checking their facebook?

See you all so very soon.

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