Saturday, January 29, 2011


This week's project was a little hard to get started. As I looked around I suddenly found repetition everywhere. Above is the sorry state of our carpet. We are not allowed to replace it. It's not great looking. We try to shampoo it at least every 3 months. We do shampoo it no longer than every 6 months. You just have to when they get this old. (After the kids getting the stomach bug, it will be cleaned again very soon. Just waiting for the bug to leave our home!)

I love love love this painting. It is a collaborative masterpiece! It started out with my 3 year old painting. Then the older 2 kids came home from school and of course my 5 year old just HAD to paint too. They both sat in the one chair, bottom next to bottom, painting away. So of course I couldn't leave out this example of repetition! It's one of my favorites.

A sigh of relief and relaxation comes over me when I see this afghan. My sweet dear grandmother crochet this many many MANY moons ago. She gave this one to me after I married my husband while living in Japan. He commandeered it many times for his trips so he could have it on his bed when away from us. It was always on our bed when he was home. We would drag it out to the couch on cold evenings. Or even if it wasn't cold and we just wanted it with us while watching a good movie or even a good show. She's made us a few more, but this one is our most treasured one. At first, I hated the color combinations. That's not the case anymore.

So there you have it. My first week with Project 52.

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