Saturday, January 22, 2011

I have a question for all you homemakers out there.

How do you mow? Now I know that must seem like an odd question. Why yes, yes it is. And yes, I am a little odd and ask questions like this out of the blue. My hubby often asks me how my train of thought wound up where it is.

Back to the question at hand. How do you mow? Do you mow around the perimeter of your yard and proceed in a box pattern until you are at the center? Or do you mow up and down neat little rows?

I am interested to hear how everyone else does it.

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Roxie said...

My husband and I have a lawn mowing business, and I do the perimeter then one time I go in straight lines and the next time I do diagonals. Then I keep alternating as that is good for the lawn.