Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wow. Is it really Wednesday? This week seems to have gone by super fast. I have a meeting to go to tonight. And Friday is going to be full of errands. We filed our taxes yesterday so that is done and checked off. I don't know why, we never have owed the IRS before, but I get anxious to see our numbers completed and submitted every year.

Baby girl is laughing now and starting to hold up her own bottle now. I just tried a few minutes ago to see if she could do it. I melt at her laughs. Her whole face lights up when she smiles. To hear her coo is like the angels singing from heaven. I love that sound!

Did I mention that I will be a proud owner of a Janome Embroider machine? Yes! Yes, I am! I will be the proud new owner of the Janome 9500. I cannot wait until I can monogram something from it.

Here is what it looks like. My dear, sweet friend has one and loves it. She hasn't used hers in over 6 months and doesn't plan on using it anymore so she is selling it to me for a steal! What a sweetie she is. She's good to me.

I am also wanting to start learning how to needlepoint. I know how to cross stitch and cannot see how it can be much different. This weekend I will be checking out Michael's to see what they have. I love the needlepoint pillows and things for around the house. They just look so heirloom like. I do hope they have what I am looking for.

Well ladies, I am off now to do some work around the house. It has taken me 2 cups of coffee, 3 hours, and turning all the lights in the house on for me to wake up and I am still not quite awake yet, but I need to get started anyway. It might take me much longer to get something done, but something will be done. Of this, I am sure. Might only be one thing, but at least its something.

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Beth Dunn said...

Wow Wednesday is right! xoxo