Monday, January 04, 2010


I have been scouring the web and magazines I have lying around for ideas. I am ready for my home to be a comfort and reflect the style that I have.

Even though I am tired of all white walls and white kitchens, this speaks to me.

Today is starting out cloudy and cool. A change from yesterday which was sunny and over 75 degrees. Despite having 2 cups of coffee this morning and a shower, I still can't seem to get moving today. I've had a leisure few weeks and should be getting my butt back into gear. I'll take another day. The kids have been coughing and sneezing with little runny noses. Even the baby is coughing now and starting a runny nose. I don't like it when my babies get runny noses. They get fussy because they can't breathe when they're eating. Poor thangs. She's content right now in her infant seat next to me.

I have plans for the next few posts on here. I have a couple of books I will give you a review on, a to-die-for recipe for you to try RIGHT AWAY, and pictures. In the meantime, I am perusing blog roll lists that you ladies have on your sidebars and finding some amazing blogs! Love you gals!

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