Saturday, June 27, 2009

My daily life is in a rut.

I wanted to share a little something I read last night with all of you. Here is the excerpt.

"The Domestic Goddess serves faithfully as the understanding wife, the devoted mother, and the successful homemaker. She is skilled in the feminine arts of cooking, sewing, cleaning, organizing, managing a household, caring for children, handling money wisely, and interior decorating. Not only does she do these jobs, she does them well, going beyond the call of duty, doing more than required.
She is a good manager of time and values. She is not necessarily the most perfect housekeeper in town or the best cook or even the most mother. But, she does succeed in her overall responsibility in the home, dividing her time and devotion between husband, children, and homemaking, putting the emphasis where it counts the most--at the moment. Of course. she may be the best housekeeper in town or the best cook. It all depends on her situation. But she is not a Domestic Goddess if she spends most of her time cleaning, while neglecting her family, or hours playing with her children, while neglecting her housework. She balances her time to meet the needs." -Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin

Now it's the last two sentences that get my attention. I haven't read that part before. Most things are telling me how to be a good homemaker but never point this out to me. Finally I can see how one should not be a detriment to the other. I am glad that someone has pointed out this very important fact. How can I be a good homemaker if I am neglecting my children all in pursuit of a clean house. But I can't neglect my house and give my children all my attention either. They need to see and learn how to clean and run a house. I was never taught how to run a home. Or how to clean, cook, or even do laundry. I want my son and my daughters to be able to run their own homes. I'd like to continue to add what I've learned.

The Domestic Goddess
1. Does her jobs well, beyond the call of duty.
2. Is a good manager of time and values.
3. Adds feminine touches to her homemaking.
4. Adds warmth to her household.
5. Honors her role in the home.
6. Is happy in her role, fulfilled.

Now Monday, I will add How to Find Happiness in Homemaking. Enjoy your weekend!

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