Saturday, June 27, 2009


What's on your agenda for today?

I have a Skin Care Class for my friend/neighbor today. We are having it at my house instead of hers. Which is fine with me. I love getting the girls together. And I absolutely love love love makeup!

After being sick for 2 weeks with a really horrific sinus infection, I haven't cleaned up around the house much. I had a cleaning lady coming by yesterday to clean my house since I was sick, but she was a "no-show". It really bothers me when someone says they are going to be here and they don't call or text letting me know they aren't coming. Especially after confirming that they are coming!

So now I am enlisting the kids to help me get it together in time for "Girl Time"! We have the kitchen to get sparkling, the living room to be straightened up and vacuumed, the bathroom a good scrub down and the entryway floor and the kitchen/dining room floors vacuumed and mopped. I use an attachment to vacuum those floors since they are on both sides of my living room floor. That way I'm using my vacuum at the same time and then I'm done with the vacuum.

Lots to do and not that much time to get it done! I will talk to y'all tomorrow! I go to church on Saturday nights so we have all day Sunday to relax and rest. Just like the good Lord wanted.

Edited to add: God has blessed me today! I called a friend of mine down the street to watch my kids for me so I could get down and dirty cleaning my house for this class this afternoon. She said of course. When she came by, she instead came inside and helped me clean! I got so much done in the short amount of time that she was here. While she was tackling the dishes that accumulated over the week, I was vacuuming and mopping the floors. Wow does all that make a difference! Now my sciatic nerve is pinched and I can't walk, but the floors look so good for company. And since I will not be actually doing the class, my director is for me, then I don't need to stand. I can sit and watch and take notes. Yay!

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