Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Kids, Rainy Day

I so love how the kids can make a box fun. I remember those days when I was young. I didn't have very many opportunities with boxes though. My mother was quick to put the boxes in the trash, outside. I try and give my kids that creative fun and let them play with a box that is pretty big for about a couple days. Or whenever it starts to lose shape, whichever comes first.

I don't remember what cartoon was on at this moment, but the two of them were completely engrossed in it! The baby was taking her nap at this time. Which for her is a rarity, much less a long one that she took. I sure paid for it at night. She didn't fall asleep until way after my own bedtime!
They crack me up with their little hide-a-way! By the way, that pink chair that my son of mine is sitting in is a princess chair!
I couldn't pass up this little yummy treat for my kids (and myself). Thanks to my good friend and neighbor for this idea she did last weekend at her bbq in our driveways. The strawberries are in season right now and Costco had bananas too that looked so yummy! The kids and I ate all of them by the end of the night.

Poor little bumkins are tired by nightfall. Which, for those of you not from southern California, is after 7pm at this time of year. By August it will set after 8:30 sometimes 9pm. It gets really hard putting the kids to bed when the sun is still pretty high and they want to stay outside to continue playing!

We are getting into the groove of not having hubby around so much. It's not fun or nice, but it's coping. We still miss him very much, but we still have to continue on. (Love you Babe!)

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The Vintage Housewife... said...

hello sweet navy wife...first let me thank you for your service and your hubbies as well..i am honored you found my blog and i am thankful for your let me say your babies are adorable...i am happy to see you have found my dear friends blog and like it...we will both be praying for your family...blessings cat