Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My husband serves his country so that people can enjoy their freedoms and liberties that are taken for granted every day. There are 2 wars that our country is helping to fight right now. There is potential for another one with North Korea any day now to add to our already fighting men's worries. What the every day civilian does not realize is that the men and women serving our country do not get to choose to fight this war and not that war. They do not get to choose which country they will help with. They cannot change their minds after completing boot camp once a war has broken out and say "oh wait, I didn't sign up to fight when a war is raging!" It doesn't work that way.
Our men and women leave behind their life for this country. Every single one of them has a family of some sort that they leave behind. Some have a spouse. A spouse with kids. Parents. Grandparents. Friends. The list is endless. And our men and women do not always live in the physical United States. We live all around the globe still serving our country. And our spouses leave us to go on their duties while we are still living in other countries or our own country.
Being a spouse or family member of someone in our military is not easy. It is by far a really hard role to be in. Our military offers support though. So fret not. Those in need just have to reach out for it. It cannot be forced upon someone that does not want anything. Free will is exactly what we serve for.
I write this only to help others that are going through the same thing. To help those understand that do not. To release. There are many things that go on and many levels of dealing with a separation. Some cry. Some hibernate. (I do this.) Some get super busy with crafts, projects, volunteer work, work, activities. I blog.

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