Thursday, February 05, 2009

Whew! What a day I had yesterday. After getting up and getting my day started, I finally looked at myself in the mirror and saw that I was completely covered in a rash. Ugly too. One of my medicines that has been prescribed to me has a probability of a fatal rash. So after viewing my rash and freaking out internally, I calmly called my poor husband and told him he had to come home right away and explained why. Then I proceeded to get all my kids dressed and my oldest off to school with a friend that walks by every morning. Once the kids were all dropped off, we headed to our military ER. They checked me out and said yes, it was from this medicine I am on, and yes, it can be fatal, but the allergic reaction has various degrees of it for everyone. Mine, so far, isn't fatal. So the doctor on call gives me 3 more prescriptions with directions on how to take them and then proceeds to tell me 3 reaction signs to keep a watch out for that signals a more serious tone. Great. Thank goodness I am alright. Other than the crazy itchy rash all over my body from head to legs. I am trying so hard not to itch everywhere knowing that once I do, it's all over and I won't be able to stop until I'm bleeding.

Once we got home, I went straight to bed and slept most of the afternoon. It was great. I still have my rash and it still itches like crazy, but my face isn't so red and I don't feel as hot as I did yesterday. Maybe it will be gone by the weekend. Not that it matters much.

Speaking of weekends. My poor husband has to work again this Saturday. Last Saturday he worked for 13 hours. Gotta love the military. (joke.)

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