Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Ahh. Yummy. Cupcakes.

In light of the upcoming holiday, St. Valentine's Day, I will be making these scrumptious yummy desserts for my son's class. Of course, I will be making more than needed for his class, seeing how my husband and his friend will be devouring them before they make it out of the door. So my goal is to make about 40 of these yummy things. I'm perusing the internet for the perfect recipe. I will also be filling the insides with a yummy filling also yet to be found. So if you know of that killer recipe, please send to me! I have a bunch of 1st graders that will be forever grateful. Okay. Grateful for the afternoon! Who are we kidding?
ps. My 3 year old still watches Polar Express at least twice a day. Yup. Scratched and all by now.

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