Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday Mahem...

Here is my enormous to-do list for today:
  • clean up tornado wrecked kitchen In Progress
  • clean downstairs bathroom
  • change sheets on our bed Done
  • clean out 20 gal fish tank and switch fish from 55 gal to 20 gal, rocks, live plants, and check the filters. In Progress
  • clean up back play room
  • switch dressers in back play room, turn over baby dresser to make the top a changing station. Rearrange the dressers.
  • can peaches and plums, freeze kiwi Gathering Supplies
  • ever mounting laundry

And I have no idea how to get all this done today. I watch another baby girl about the same age as my baby girl during the day. So between them and my 3 year old, getting my 6 yr old to school in the morning, making breakfast, getting naps (including myself), then getting lunch, I have an hour or two before picking up my son from school. Then it's a short rest time for the girls and then I have about an hour or two before the mom picks up her girl. By that time it is after 3pm. It's almost time to get dinner going. I wonder where my day goes. Just writing it all down makes sense to me now. I'm quite busy just with the dailies.

How does your day go?

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