Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sorry for the long absence. We were without internet for a while. Let me tell ya. After having the convenience of internet and then going without, is hard. We now have internet, but it's the dreaded internet "D" word... dial-up. It works and I still get my emails, but it is very s-l-o-w. But we're back now.
How have all of you been? I'd love to hear from y'all. Let me know what's going on in your neck of the woods. On the homefront here, a couple of my study groups are done for the summer. I am still in the Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey classes. We are on lesson 4, Dumping Debt. If you haven't heard anything about this guy, you should. He can really help out America. People need to learn how to smartly handle money and then teach our kids! America as a country would not be in a financial windfall if the people in the many offices running our country knew how to handle money on a personal level. It starts on a small level.
This past week, the 4 of us have caught the stomach bug. I didn't get it quite as bad as the last time when I was down with the fever, chills, and all that mess. But I did get it and so did my kids. Thankfully none of us got the fever or chills. Just the mess that goes with the stomach bug. My poor Baby Girl got it 2 nights in a row. And Big Man was the first to get it so he was the only healthy one in the house yesterday while we were all not feeling well. I'm sure he's starving at this point! Lol. Our baby even got sick a couple of times yesterday. I'm so thankful that I breastfeed her. She never once even showed and hint of dehydration! I don't have to worry about Baby Girl, because that 2 year old drinks non-stop. Hubby says she pees like the Hudson River.
Alright. It's time to go fix my crew some breakfast. I'm sure they are as ravenous as I am after not eating much yesterday.

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