Monday, September 10, 2007

Here is a new TV series that is amazing. I love this show! I have to admit that I am a reality show watcher. I have read Kimora's book Fabulosity. I loved it. The book and the show inspire me as a woman to not sit on my duff and expect my husband to hand my happiness to me. He works all day. He is in the military. Military pay is not much. I have tastes. I have a comfort of living that I want for my kids. I want them to be able to participate in school sports. Living off of just his income, we are not able to do these things.

Kimora represents the drive and ambition that I need. Her two adorable kids are fashion icons also and they aren't old enough to drive yet. It is very hard trying to raise kids and also raise a company to your standards as she has shown. But she takes the time to include her kids and is very approachable with her kids. I find that refreshing to see a powerhouse woman able to stay in contact on a daily basis with her kids and run the show in her career.

Please take the time to watch her new show. She is very over-the-top, glamorous, and very opinionated. And that is exactly what is cool about her! People think that mothers with young kids should not be trying to "have it all". And I say to that, "Why not?!" Put a little fabulosity in your life!

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