Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I have gotten the most wonderful gift yesterday in the mail! A check for me to spend on maternity clothes! I need some right now. I am slowly outgrowing my bottoms and do not have a smaller size that I fit. This has come at the most beneficial time also. A group of ladies that I frequent on Happy Housewives forums have donated to Help A Military Wife. A new service Darla Shine has come up with to help the families that stay home and support our husbands in the military. It is an amazing idea. So many of us support our husbands in the military and outside sources that support our husbands, but then we are left at home trying to find a way to support ourselves. This is a wonderful way to help those of us who need a little extra help. Please go to this site if you get a moment and donate. Every little bit adds up.

ow is everyone doing today? I am on a cleaning and crafting hiatus. Not because school is starting in a couple of weeks, or that summer is almost over, but because we are moving in 3 days to a house nearby. I am about as packed as I can be without actually having to live without everything. We are already using clean clothes out of laundry hampers so I don’t have to be battling laundry on top of packing. We have a decent sized dining room so we moved our couch and TV into there so I could use the living room to pack all the boxes. There are still some smaller furniture pieces that can come downstairs. We are trying to make it as easy as possible for our friends that are coming to help us move, to get it out of this house and into our new one. I have a game-plan for moving day. All the boxes will go into the garage so I can unpack as I go in the new house. That way my house isn’t destroyed until fully unpacked.

Why is it that my 5 year old son is doing EVERYTHING to get in trouble?! He had both of my vacuum cleaner attachments and was play-fighting the pillow with them. He has to beat on anything and everything he comes into contact with. I don't even like him touching anything anymore because he has to rip, tear, smash, step on, fight with, whatever it is. And my toddler girl is now screaming at everything she doesn't like. It's too hot for my kids to play outside. They overheat quickly. We are soo ready to move! I don't think we are going to make it the next 3 days. The dogs are outside and they should be inside, but oh how I don't feel like messing with them too right now!

Welcome to my life right now! We need to do something not here at home! Maybe when DH comes home we can go to the McDonald's here and let them play at their indoor playground. They are finally playing together without fighting. They are playing inside one of the big boxes that we have. I have left it out for them.


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