Friday, May 07, 2010

I have a couch that is the same style as the couch shown in the lower right corner. I love the blue and white stripes and am thinking of having our couch reupholstered like this one shown. What do you think? Too bold? I am looking to update our home. It's so cluttered and messy. There is no rhyme or reason to anything. Just kind of thrown in here from moving around a lot. My husband is military so moving is inevitable for us. Even now we are contemplating moving into another home that is 5 bedrooms. So that would be moving yet again.

We've been back from our vacation to Texas now for about a month. I've had a few surprises in my life and I think we are finally getting back to a somewhat sense of normalcy. Which is kind of hard to do apparently. I, on the one hand, am forever grateful. I don't like bad surprises. Only the good kinds. Like presents, good food, and new friends. I like my old friends too, but sadly, cannot see them as much as I like. Distance is a huge factor here. I have an ocean between one of them and quite a few states between another. I consider these 2, my besties. I can talk to them about anything. And I am grateful for that!

On the better light of things, we are expecting another baby! I can't tell you what a shock this was to us. I think it is still a shock to my husband, but I am now happy and accepting of another baby. I think he will be happy once the baby is born and is healthy. Although, if it is a boy, he will be beyond ecstatic! See, we only have the 1 boy, our first, and the 3 girls. I am hoping to keep the sex of this baby a surprise, but I don't think that hubby will go for it. I will have the ultrasound tech write it down and put it in an envelope. Then we'll see how long it can stay a secret. The ultrasound isn't scheduled yet, but it will be late July or early August. It will depend on how booked they are. I am starting to get excited about adding another baby to our already full home. What a full family we will be! Plans are in the making for another vehicle also. We only have the one right now and it fits just us as it is. We have a Ford F150 quad cab. So it fits all of us nicely, but it isn't going to fit anyone else. So a second vehicle is going to be added in addition to the baby. However, I haven't been able to narrow my sights on what it is that I want. Anything full size SUV or a minivan. We are not entertaining the idea of full size vans. We just aren't going there. We weren't even considering minivans, but after thinking about it they just have better gas mileage and are easier to get in and out of. But I am partial to the full size SUV's. I just LOVE them! But I have some time before I have to decide.

Well, I hope that all you mommies out there are going to have a wonderful Mother's Day. Bless all of you!!

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