Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cloth Diapering in a Large Family

Cloth Diapering in a Large Family

    We decided by our third baby to start cloth diapering. It's become a love affair ever since. I have sold my stash and started over a couple of times. I have found what I love and what I don't. My husband has also learned what he loves and doesn't.
    We do not exclusively cloth diaper. I'm just gonna throw that out there right now. There are times where a disposable has its uses. Our number one reason has been when we are so backed up on laundry that adding a cloth diaper laundry load to the mix just shuts down my brain. If your little one gets a yeast infection/rash then using disposables while you bleach your diapers is a good idea.
    For the record, this stash shot below is enough for 3 toddlers in diapers. I have to wash after only 2 1/2 days. Personally, that's not enough. I would like to have a few more so that there is a rotation going and the diapers don't get used quite so often. It prolongs the life of the diaper that way.

    I did not include any of our newborn stash of diapers. Those will be in a different post. What is not pictured are the prefolds that I used to stuff the majority of the diapers. The stacked diapers along the back are one size pocket diapers. Now I am not a fan of pockets. I don't enjoy stuffing them for the most part. Every now and then it doesn't bother me, but mostly I dislike the inserts. But this time, I've been stuffing them with prefolds. Now my ALL TIME FAVORITE prefold, and I will use no other brands, are the Green Mountain Diaper cotton prefolds. (I also LOVE their workhorses too.)

Stash shot. Back row are all one size pocket diapers.

Extra inserts to add as needed.

Cute fleece covers. These are great to go over fitteds or prefolds.

These are just covers. They are size 2 so they are for 20-30 pounds.

These are fitteds. The one in the middle is my all time go to for overnights. The one on the right, I made myself.

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