Sunday, May 29, 2011


What is it about sitting down to blog that is so hard for me?

Okay, okay, okay. You can all stop laughing at me now. With 4 kids and a baby it can be a little difficult to sit down with a laptop and blog. There are some life changes that are going on.

We have decided to homeschool our kids starting this fall. I will be leading our 4th grader and 1st grader in their education. I could start with Kindergarten also, but I don't want to rush her. I am happy just letting her listen in with the older 2 and pick up what she may. I am gathering information on the things that I will need both curriculum wise and furniture and supplies wise. I am almost there completing my list of what all I need.

Baby boy is also completely "failure to thrive" only in height and weight. Developmentally he is exactly where he needs to be if not doing more. He is crawling and trying to stand up on his own. He babbles and tries to sit up on his own. But he only weighs about 13 pounds and is 7 months old. He started out in the 80 percentile range and since about 3 months his gains slowed and at 4 months just stopped completely. So we're working on that.

The summer season is here (not officially), and we aren't ready. The weather is cool and rainy (still) and the kids are still in school. But in their defense, their school is on the year-round schedule and they don't even get out till late July! Talk about hard! You try having a bedtime when the sun is still up an hour after going to bed. The sun sets late here at that time of year.

In addition to all this, the hubbs and I have agreed on moving into a 5 bedroom house. He has some paperwork to attend to and then we will do what we can. So hopefully by the fall we will be in a 5 bedroom house! I'm actually looking forward to it. We will have a bigger kitchen and dining room area which is sorely needed here.

I'll let you know how my garden has done so far. It's quite the riot! Stay tuned...

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